Our designer Truck Gun Safe keeps your firearms safe from the elements while also making them easy to transport for your next hunting trip!

Our designer Truck Gun Safe, like all of our other Shop-N-Box models, will mount in the bed of your pickup truck so you can keep your firearms secured and safe while you transport them. Instead of dealing and wrestling with several different guns and trying to coordinate them to fit inside of your truck, you can secure them in your Truck Gun Safe, free up room in your truck, and enjoy the ride knowing your firearms will stay put!

Our Truck Gun Safe holds up to four rifles and even has a rack to carry ammo storage. We also offer a gun and bow combination rack.

When you purchase our Truck Gun Safe, you’re also purchasing a Shop-N-Box that you can customize to your needs! The Rollout Rack which holds your firearms is completely removable. You can purchase other Shop-N-Box inserts, made with our patented and guaranteed Rolling System, and turn your Truck Gun Safe into a compact and organized designer toolbox in no time!

So when you’re heading out for your next hunting trip, pull out the rolling rack holding your tools and slide your Gun Safe rolling rack back in for firearms storage.

And like many of our Shop-N-Box designer toolboxes, you can always access the firearms from the rear of your truck without having to climb up in the bed. We make it convenient to access the tools you need, whether it’s a hammer and wrenches or your rifles / bow & arrows. Made in North America | Patent Pending.

Designer Truck Gun Safe
Designer Truck Gun Safe
Designer Truck Gun Safe


65” L x 18” H x 12” W

Our designer Truck Gun Safe Includes:

Storage for up to 4 firearms
Capability of storing Bow & Arrows
Ammo rack

Designed to Mount to:

Pickup Trucks
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Designed by Nu expression of Winston-Salem | 2017